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Persistent Telecom’s nanoLTE™ is a standards-based, feature-rich, Evolved Packet Core (EPC) implementation that combines LTE core network elements in a compact design. The key elements include:

  • MME - eNodeB, and Mobility Management
  • HSS - Subscriber Management
  • SGW/PGW – Serving Gateway and Packet Gateway through which the user IP packet data is routed to the local LAN/WAN.

nanoLTE™ is optimized to run at or near the network edge. It can be located with one or more LTE radios (eNodeBs) to be deployed in a rural or remote area, on campus, aircrafts, cruise ships, or for a variety of other applications such as public safety, defense and intelligence. When located at remote cell sites in villages or communities, a localized EPC provides users broadband data access to local services and cached media content without having to backhaul all signaling and user data to a centralized EPC. Each rural network could run autonomously if the backhaul to a centralized EPC failed. nanoLTE™ allows autonomous high bandwidth and long range IP communications over LTE. nanoLTE™ supports both voice and IP data, wirelessly. nanoLTE™, combined with a satellite network, can be configured as private end-to-end network or as a roaming extension. In a roaming extension service model, users could Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD). The PTI nanoLTE™ EPC has a uniquely small software footprint, even being able to run on low-power ARM and Cavium processors, possibly on the eNodeB hardware itself or combined with a backhaul satellite terminal. This flexibility in packaging and ability to economically scale down to supporting just a single eNodeB if necessary for remote or ‘fly‐away’ systems, gives the PTI EPC considerable advantage over EPC solutions from other traditional vendors in these types of deployments. The software platform also supports GSM and 3G radios, such as GSM picocells, 3G femtocells and longer range radios from various vendors. That is, the PTI nanoLTE™ EPC may also act as a GSM/3G MSC (with SIP), HLR, SMSC and packet data core. This allows a common core platform for voice & data over GSM, 3G and 4G, considerably easing deployments where multiple radio technologies are required in a compact package.


Developed for the Department of Defense, nanoSAT™ is the world’s first fully functional mobile phone system that works everywhere you go. nanoSAT™ cell sites are available in GSM, CDMA, 3G, 4G LTE and WiMAX configurations. nanoSAT™ works with all commercial satellite systems. Challenged by the need for cell phone communications in the middle of nowhere? Persistent Telecom’s nanoSAT™ technology is ideal for creating “communications islands”. Organizations can now establish secure, private cell phone networks anywhere on earth, at a reasonable cost. Improve productivity and enhance worker safety with the convenience of smartphones, tablets and advanced mobility solutions. The nanoSAT™ proprietary operating system runs on a small, low power consumption, fan-less, Single Board Computer (SBC). Communicate seamlessly across the most difficult environments from the control room, to the work area, to the living quarters. Operate in remote locations or international waters - anywhere there is no public infrastructure. nanoSAT™ systems are VoIP compatible. Cell phones can be provisioned as VoIP extensions. nanoSAT™ systems integrate with all major PBX systems. Persistent Telecom’s remote nanoSAT™ terminals include the cell network transmitter, the satellite transmitter and the complete network operating platform. Maintain a single, coordinated communications system between leadership, key personnel and a remote workforce. Persistent Telecom is an MVNO, with Network Operations Centers connected to the Global Roaming Alliance. Persistent Telecom can complete calls and route traffic from anywhere, directly to your commercial phone number. nanoSAT™ works independently without relying on public telephone networks, public mobile phone networks or the Internet. nanoSAT™ works indoors to combine the convenience of cell phones, with the global reach of satellite networks. nanoSAT™ systems enable inbound and outbound calls from any public network, using your mobile phone number. One phone number on land, at sea, in the air or underground. nanoSAT™ systems are useful in search and rescue efforts during disasters, and can be used in remote and rural areas as well as mines or in tunnels. nanoSAT™ systems are useful for remote security, surveillance and/or sensor backhaul. nanoSAT™ can operate as a fail-safe phone system using standalone power sources such as batteries, wind or solar. The nanoSAT™ system’s low cost of ownership enables a quick ROI and pays for itself with increased productivity. nanoSAT™ sites can transmit over “leaky” cable Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) inside buildings, ships, subways or mines. nanoSAT™ systems can include SMS text messaging, GPRS, EDGE, 3G and 4G LTE wireless data capability.

Cyber VauLTE™

Persistent Telecom’s Cyber VauLTE™ is a secure, wireless communications hub designed for use in any board room, hotel room or conference room. Cyber VauLTE™ employs military grade, NSA validated, AES 256K encryption to support information assurance in an era of increasing cyber-crime and espionage. Cyber VauLTE™ creates a private communications bubble for key management personnel. The Cyber VauLTE™ automatically connects your cell phone voice, text and data anonymously; avoiding local WiFi hubs and foreign cellular networks. Cyber VauLTE™ also includes a secure video conferencing platform. Cyber VauLTE™ allows travelers to avoid connecting through vulnerable hotel wireless hot spots and commercial mobile carriers overseas. Regardless of location, Cyber VauLTE™ offers military grade information assurance in an increasingly dangerous world.


Persistent Telecom Inc. (PTI) installs cellular phone service, SMS text messaging and wireless data services on any ship without pulling any wires. PTI has developed an innovative, new approach to add cellular and other wireless features to cruise ships using existing infrastructure. PTI’s systems can be installed while the ship is in service (no major dry dock retrofit required).

Persistent Telecom is an MVNO, with Network Operations Centers connected to the Global Roaming Alliance. Persistent Telecom can complete calls and route traffic from anywhere, directly to your commercial phone number. nanoSEA™ systems can be used to replace DECT crew phones. For backhaul off the ship, PTI’s nanoSAT™ software interconnects with any commercial satellite system. The nanoSEA™ Linux based platform efficiently manages all voice and data using a single server. nanoSEA™ systems include GSM, CDMA, SMS, 2G, 3G, LTE and other high speed Wi-Fi data services. nanoSEA™ are VoIP compatible and can be integrated with the ship’s VoIP PBX. Cell phones can be provisioned as VoIP extensions. The nanoSEA™ system’s low cost of ownership enables a quick ROI paying for itself with increased productivity. nanoSEA™ systems improve productivity, increase privacy and enhance worker safety with the convenience of text messaging. PTI’s systems include an open source Asterisk server which enables hundreds of standard telco features like voice mail, conference calling, caller ID and even POS wireless credit card processing.