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Disaster Recovery

The PTI system employs several of our proprietary technologies to provide continued communications during times of degraded network conditions. The client's location will have PTI nanoCELL Transponders installed to provide complete in-building cellular telephone coverage. A roof mounted satellite up/down link will be installed to provide a communication path through our Network operations center and terminated to Internet/public telephone network for communications anywhere in the world. PTI provides non-pre-emptible satellite access 24/7 to enable our clients to communicate from anywhere to anywhere.

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Small Cell Solutions

Persistent Telecom (PTI) has successfully deployed small cell networks since 2002. Our systems provide cell phone network extension to commercial carriers where coverage and capacity are lacking. Our systems are designed to meet Department of Defense (DoD) standards; with hundreds of systems deployed to the federal and military markets. PTI systems can be configured to support all standards of cellular transmission including CDMA, GSM, 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE. Persistent Telecom is an MVNO with two Tier 1 Network Operations Centers connected to the Global Roaming Alliance.

Remote and Rural

In locations not served with cellular service, the nanoSAT, man portable system can be deployed in less than 5 minutes. The system provides local cellular and SMS text communications for approximately 1 square mile and has connection to the public telephone network via a satellite link through the PTI network operations center.

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Wireless communications on large ships has always been a challenge. Persistent Telecom’s nanoSEA systems leverage lessons learned providing shipboard coverage for the US government. Now available to cruise operators - nanoSEA network installations are a dramatically lower cost alternative to the legacy mobile phone systems currently in use. Persistent has established connectivity to more than 1800 Mobile Network Operators through direct roaming agreements and contracts with the world’s largest roaming service hubs. Technically, nanoSEA systems include GSM, CDMA, 3G and LTE data. From a revenue perspective, Persistent Telecom offers passengers lower prices for their voice, text and data use; while at the same time, provides cruise operators with a more generous revenue share. As has always been the case in telephony, lower costs to customers increases call volume, which results greater profit margins for the carriers.

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The challenge for the energy industry is the real time monitoring of the electrical grid's condition, equipment readiness, and delivery of power to the customer. PTI can custom engineer communication solutions for monitoring of sensors and data which indicate system conditions and delivery. A typical communication solution may include, multiple cellular transponders in a mesh configuration with Wi Max network deployment. These remote transponder sites can be collected and back hauled over non-pre-emptible satellite transponders to remote command centers.

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Private Mobile Networks

Developed for the Department of Defense, the PTI nanoSAT system can provide a cellular network in less than 5 minutes. The man portable system allows the operator to establish a private cellular network that excludes all calls of those not registered as users on the system. The system has a coverage area of approximately 1 square mile. First responders, law enforcement and emergency medical personnel can all use their own cell phones to make and receive calls to anyone in the cell coverage area as they would normally would. Calls to locations outside the coverage area would be linked via satellite to the PTI network operations center and terminated to the Internet/public telephone network.