Mobile Network Operator

Persistent Telecom Inc. (PTI), is a full Mobile Network Operator (MNO) with LTE roaming agreements across the USA and around the world.  PTI's maximum security solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), in-building LTE networks and Over-The-Air (OTA) multi SIM identity management platform, enables Government and Enterprise customers to secure their devices, data, and networks safely "Above the Cloud" of vulnerabilities.  PTI leverages the global connectivity of a US carrier to provide competitively priced international roaming access.


Persistent Telecom Inc. (PTI), is a full Mobile Network Operator (MNO) with LTE roaming agreements across the USA and around the world.  To learn more about what products PTI Offers please visit our Resources page.

Small Cell Solutions

Persistent Telecom’s small cell solutions provide network extension to commercial carriers, Government, and Enterprise customers.  Our systems are designed for use in buildings with coverage and capacity challenges.  In today’s market 80% of the traffic on a mobile network originates from inside the building.  For building owner’s, broadband connectivity has become the “fourth utility”; water, electricity and gas being the first three utilities every building must provide. Leveraging cellular connectivity to provide broadband access can be a much more cost-effective solution.

IoT Solutions

Persistent Telecom takes a leading role in defining the next generation Internet of Things (IoT) using SMS and LTE signaling.  Leveraging over thirty years of experience, PTI designs solutions across multiple vertical markets supporting a wide variety of use cases.   Our focus is on high value IoT devices that require cellular connectivity.  PTI leverages our existing spectrum assets and extensive roaming agreements to provide access to the global IPX network infrastructure for IoT applications.  PTI has deployed internal engineering resources to develop specialized IoT applications with edge processing capabilities, including over the air (OTA) programmable SIM technology, to ensure global connectivity at the lowest costs.

Secure Solutions

Persistent Telecom understands that in the new world of cyber-attacks, advanced technologies are needed to be ever vigilant.  Threats are coming from every direction including cyber criminals, hackers, espionage, ransomware implants and insider threats.  The US Department of Defense now warns of an impending "Cyber Pearl Harbor".  How can companies with a global footprint and an increasingly mobile workforce protect themselves? Persistent Telecom secure solutions allow mobile phones, LTE tablets, Wi-Fi enabled laptops and computers to interconnect securely over the “dirty Internet” with no attribution.