Coverage, capacity, autonomy and security; more than just words these are concepts that must underpin any vision of mobility in our super connected future.  Persistent Telecom products are designed and built with all these concepts woven into the fabric of our hardware and software solutions.  PTI is uniquely positioned to deliver on this vision of the future as a full Mobile Network Operator (MNO) with a complement of top hardware and software engineers.  Our ability to rapidly prototype and implement solutions that range from cellular network coverage and capacity extension to autonomous machine learning devices, to secure IoT platforms, distinguishes us from our competitors on a global scale.

Cyber VauLTE

Persistent Telecom’s Cyber VauLTETM is a secure, wireless communications hub designed for use in any board room, hotel room or conference room.  Cyber VauLTETM employs military grade, NSA validated, AES 256K encryption to support information assurance in an era of increasing cyber-crime and espionage.

Cyber VauLTETM creates a private communications bubble for key management personnel.  The Cyber VauLTETM automatically connects your cell phone voice, text and data anonymously; avoiding local WiFi hubs and foreign cellular networks.  Cyber VauLTETM also includes a secure video conferencing platform.

Cyber VauLTETM allows travelers to avoid connecting through vulnerable hotel wireless hot spots and commercial mobile carriers overseas.  Regardless of location, Cyber VauLTETM offers military grade information assurance in an increasingly dangerous world.