In-Building Solutions

In Building Solutions

Persistent Telecom has been installing small cell solutions for Enterprise and Government customers for over ten years.  Our flagship in-building solution was to install secure small cell systems in two secure Government facilities in Washington DC.

PTI is partnered with Spidercloud, now part of Corning, and other manufacturers to deliver small cell network extension to Building Owners, Developers and Enterprise customers.

Building Management and Enterprise IT organizations have little to no control over cellular coverage available in their space. Persistent Telecom’s in-building solutions can assist building owners in providing cellular service as the “fourth utility” to their tenants.  PTI’s experience in designing and building small cell networks can prove invaluable as Enterprises implement new BYOD policies while ensuring their ability to control their wireless environments.

Remote and Rural

Remote and Rural

PTI small cell systems combined with a satellite backhaul, can be configured as a private end-to-end network or as a roaming extension.  Global Roaming systems enable inbound and outbound calls from any public network, using your mobile phone number.

For remote sites “off the grid”, a local node provides broadband data access and cached media content without having to backhaul all signaling and user data to a centralized commercial data center.  Each site runs autonomously utilizing Persistent Telecom’s proprietary mobile switching center software core, even if the backhaul connection has failed.

Our system is optimized to run at the network edge with one or more LTE radios (eNodeB) deployed in remote areas, on campus, aircrafts, ships, or for a variety of other applications such as public safety, defense and disaster recovery supporting both voice and IP data.

Satellite Backhaul

satellite backhaul

Developed for the Department of Defense, Persistent Telecom’s nanoSAT™ is the world’s first fully functional mobile phone system that works everywhere you go.  nanoSAT™ cell sites are available in 3G GSM and 4G LTE.   nanoSAT™ works with all commercial satellite systems.

Organizations can now establish secure, private cell phone networks anywhere on earth, at a reasonable cost.  Persistent Telecom is excited to make this technology available to enterprises for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning.

Improve productivity and enhance worker safety with the convenience of smartphones, tablets and mobile phone technology.

Communicate seamlessly across the most difficult environments from the control room, to the work area, to the living quarters.

Operate in remote locations or international waters – anywhere there is no public infrastructure.